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Intumescent Spraying That Protects Your Cardiff Property

At Upvc Spraying Wales, we can apply water-based or solvent-based paint with our intumescent spraying services for your building in Cardiff, or the local area. To ensure maximum performance and longevity, we have a top seal to protect the paint from water that is added afterwards. Offering excellent steelwork protection, this paint is vital in the time immediately after a fire breaks out. Call us now to safeguard your property and those within your walls. Spray an application of intumescent paint to protect structural steel. After spraying the steels to the correct loading we then seal the intumescent paint with a top coat protecting the coating for water damage.

Steel Beams

What Is Intumescent?

Intumescent is a paint that swells due to heat exposure. Decreasing density and increasing in volume, this will help to protect structural steelwork from the effects of fire. The intumescent paint is applied in certain thicknesses and loadings per steel to give a specific fire rating to protect superstructures of building. This comes down to specific building regulation requirements.

This is something that every large building has, including office blocks, apartment buildings, and hotels. Buildings where people will be working are also included, and this paint is often used during the construction process to give people time to leave before the building is compromised.

For further information on our intumescent spraying and steelwork protection works, call us, in Cardiff.

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