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Roof Spraying That Protects Your Property

 Roof spraying and coating services are ideal for repairing or refurbishing your existing roof. If your roof fails, so does the rest of your home or business. Repainting and sealing your roof is a more economically viable option than a full replacement and extends the life of your existing roof for many years. When you choose to work with UPVC Spraying Wales, you can trust that you'll receive a high-quality roof coating that will endure the test of time. Get in touch today to find out more.

Roof Spraying

Roof tiles are constantly exposed to the British elements, becoming porous over time, which creates ideal conditions for lichens and moss to thrive, this growth can lead to a worn-out appearance, potentially diminishing the value of your home.

At UPVC Spraying Wales we use Roofgard from Andura, which restores the colour and appearance of your concrete tiles, providing much needed protection against weathering. Treating concrete tiles is crucial as they become less resistant to weather, mould, and lichen growth over time. Choose from our range of 7 colours to give your roof a fresh, new look. It's also made in Britain.

Have a look at some examples of how Roofgard can transform your roof in our Gallery.

Why Use Roofgard?

In independent tests conducted by the Paint Research Association (PRA), Roofgard demonstrated exceptional durability, performing well with good colour stability for more than 10 years, thereby extending the life of your roof. The PRA concluded that Roofgard performed very well, showing minimal change in surface appearance and no discernible detrimental effect.

Benefits of Using Roofgard:

Benefits of Roofgard

  • Highly Durable

  • Colour Fast

  • Weatherproof and Breathable

  • Alkali Resistant

  • Resistant to Moss and Lichen Growth

  • Acid Rain and Pollution Resistant

Our Process


Before application, we'll inspect your roof and then carry out all the necessary preparation work in accordance with recommendations from Andura.


This might include: repairs, replacement of damaged tiles, removal of moss and lichen and general cleaning of your roof.

Biocide Treatment:

We'll treat your roof with Andura Biocide and it's recommended to protect against future growth of lichens and moss.


Applying Roofgard is a two-coat process which givess the tiles full protection from weathering, giving you the appearance of a new roof.

Exterior Spraying

As well as carrying out roof spraying, we can also provide an exterior spraying service using Classic Smooth from Andura, which is a breathable, high-performance solvent borne coating, that protects the exterior masonry and concrete of your property.

What makes Classic Smooth a great product for the British weather, when water borne products could struggle, is that it's been formulated to be used in weather conditions such as showers and cool drying temperatures, typically it's shower proof in under 30 minutes.

Benefits of Using Classic Smooth:

Benefits of Classic Smooth

  • Highly Breathable

  • Water Resistant

  • Chloride Resistant

  • Self Priming

  • All Year Round Application

  • Fast Drying

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